Naturally beautiful

Thank you for your interest in permanent make-up (derma pigmentation). People who feel beautiful appear more self-confident and gain in authority. Not for nothing is beauty coupled with terms in our society such as: self-confidence, independence and success. Permanent make-up offers a simple solution, if you want to always appear well-groomed and cultivated. I can offer you today’s leading permanent methods to shape your beauty in complete harmony with your personality - not over-styled, not artificial, but just naturally beautiful. I hope to be able to answer all your questions.

Permanent make-up is a micro implantation of colour pigments in the epidermis. The colour pigments are introduced into the upper layer of the skin with a needle by means of a precision instrument. In this way a permanent make-up design emerges. Time-consuming putting on of make-up is over.


From January 2025, the REACH regulation will also apply to PMU paints in Switzerland.

What does that mean? From Jan. 2025, the federal government will not only stipulate what ingredients are permitted in paints, but also which ingredients and in what quantities. The ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency, sets out EU legislation on chemicals to protect human health and the environment.

This has been a must in EU countries since 2022, so I have also just started working with REACH-compliant pigments.

I work with a globally renowned Swiss company that I trust blindly and know that I only get the best for my customers.

This was also confirmed by the recent inspection by the Canton of Zug.