Obligations for the client

The client is obliged to follow all instructions received from the permanent make-up practitioner concerning the course of treatment.
The fee is to be paid by signing a contract before or at the first consultation.
If information is withheld that could lead to health or even life-threatening danger to the customer or the studio staff, legal action may be taken.


The customer undertakes to pay the total price of the treatment at the first treatment. After 5-6 weeks at the earliest, a second treatment will be made, in which everything will be reworked and perfected again. This treatment is included in the price.

For refreshments of the permanent make-up within 3 to 3.5  years after the perfection appointment 50% of the paid new price is required, after 3-5 years 70% and after approx. 5 years again 100%. Even for refreshments, the perfection appointment after the healing period is always included.


In case of cancellation of a scheduled treatment and/or a subsequent complaint, payments already made will not be refunded. In case of prevention, appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise 50% of the treatment price will be charged. If the customer cancels the appointment during the treatment/consultation, 50% of the price will also be charged.

Place of jurisdiction

 Is in any case Zug. Swiss law is exclusively applicable.